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Ten Things to do on the Web When IE6 Is Dead

Internet Explorer 6 has always been the rotten apple when it comes to building websites. While many of its issues are Microsoft’s fault for ignoring web standards, other problems stem simply from its age. IE6 is now eight years old, and many of the cool new tools today’s sites rely on simply didn’t exist when it came out.

But even if not all of IE6′s problems are its own fault, there will be no shortage of web developers dancing on Internet Explorer 6′s grave whenever it finally makes its way into the ground. Until then, designing pages around IE6′s shortcomings is a fact of life.

Still, if you’ve ever wondered what sort of cool stuff you’ll be able to take advantage of when IE6 is gone, Sitepoint’s James Edwards has a list of the 10 cool things we’ll be able to do once IE6 is dead.

Our top picks from the list include the ability to (finally) use CSS child selectors without workarounds and the ability to ditch 90 percent of our CSS hacks. We were about to suggest an eleventh item — use the <canvas> tag — but then we remembered even IE8 still doesn’t understand <canvas>. Sigh.

Edwards thinks IE6 will be gone in a year. We’d love to think he’s right, but there are a lot of corporate networks out there that really don’t seem to be in a hurry to upgrade. So it may, unfortunately, be a bit longer before IE6 fades away entirely.

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