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Tim O’Reilly on Twitter, Yahoo and the Coming ‘Sensor Web’

Here’s an excellent video interview with tech publisher and conference mogul Tim O’Reilly, brought to us by our friends at

In this 30-minute interview, O’Reilly talks about the evolution of sensor-based technology — how things like accelerometers and GPS inside devices, or speech-recognition and face-recognition capabilities within applications are going to revolutionize the next wave of web apps.

Gigapixel cameras will be able to see better than us, and the software inside them will recognize objects more quickly than our own brains.

“What’s the next web UI? It’s a pair of glasses,” he says.

There’s also a riff on how Twitter has brought the concept of “real time” to a whole new level of importance on the web, and a story about how his company almost purchased Yahoo back in the proverbial day.

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg. A fascinating half an hour.

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