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Cool Tutorial: Django in the Real World

Django’s big sell is that it’s easy.

Compared to other open-source (or even proprietary) frameworks for building specialized, database-driven websites, Django makes the core tasks remarkably easy and fast to complete. A developer with working knowledge of databases and Python can get a site up and running in less than an hour.

But once your code is written, what comes next?

That question forms the basis of a talk given by Jacob Kaplan-Moss, one of Django’s lead developers, at the OSCON Open Source Convention in San Jose, California Tuesday. His slides are now online (PDF, 1.7MB)

The concentration is on testing, staging and deployment. There are also recommendations for fine-tuning performance. And even if you don’t know Python or if you’ve never used Django, the presentation is still helpful since it’s full of general advice about building and deploying web applications.

Also, there’s a great series of tutorials hosted by the Django Project itself, and there’s a beginner’s Django tutorial right here on Webmonkey.

Illustration: Stefan Imhoff

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