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Adobe Announces Photoshop for the ‘Droids

With Friday’s launch of the the new Motorola Droid and some slick new features in Android 2.0, Google’s mobile operating system is stealing a bit of thunder from the iPhone.

Now, there’s one more battleground:, Adobe’s online photo service based around its flagship photo editor, has jumped on the Android bandwagon as well. Adobe released a new Android-based photo app Friday that allows you to edit, view, share and upload images directly from your phone. It works with any photos stored on the phone. Mobile is already available for the iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. It’s a free download on all three mobile platforms. The Android version of Mobile has all the features found in its Apple-y and Microsoft-y cousins, but it also packs in a few things that can’t be done on the iPhone — like background image uploads, so you can upload an album and still do other things with the images are being transferred.

As for the editing tools themselves, well… don’t expect “real” Photoshop. But the basic options like cropping, straightening, color corrections and preset image transformations can go a long way toward making your mobile images look much better.

Adobe has a video overview, but for some reason doesn’t offer any way to embed it. You can check it out on the Mobile site. Watch for the subtle iPhone snub about midway through the video, when Adobe’s Corey Barker says, “this particular phone has a really cool feature called background processing…”

If you’d like to give the new Mobile for Android app a try, head to the Android marketplace.

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