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Mozilla Paves the Way for Firefox 3.6 With Second Beta Release

Just two weeks after the first beta release of Firefox 3.6, Mozilla has already pushed out a second beta for users to test. Mozilla is making good on its promise to deliver Firefox 3.6 without the extended delays that plagued the 3.5 release.

Firefox 3.6 beta 2, released Wednesday, brings 190 more bug fixes to the table and offers the same performance boosts we saw in the first beta release. Firefox 3.6 also includes a number of new features like support for Personas, native tab-previews for Windows 7 and Web Open Font Format support for developers looking to use new fonts on their sites.

For a more in-depth look at what’s coming in the next version of Firefox — due to arrive in final form sometime before the end of 2009 — have a look at our coverage of the first beta release.

While Firefox 3.6 is still a beta release, if you’d like to test out the new features you can grab a copy from Firefox beta page. Also, if you’re running beta 1, you’ll notice Firefox probably gave you an alert as soon as beta 2 was ready.

So far, we haven’t noticed any show-stopping bugs in beta 2, but keep in mind that most extensions haven’t been updated to work with this release. That said, a few of our favorites do indeed work, notably AdBlock Plus and Firebug, though in both cases you’ll need to make sure you have the latest versions of the add-ons.

You can help out add-on developers by grabbing the Add-on Compatibility Reporter, which will run all your extensions even if they haven’t been updated. Any resulting bugs or strange behaviors can be easily reported to the developers through the Add-ons Manager.

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