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Craigslist Reverses Yahoo Pipes Ban, But Developers Have Already Moved On

Earlier this month, Craigslist blocked Yahoo Pipes from accessing any Craigslist page. As a result, mashups all over the web were suddenly without data.

After not responding to inquires, Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster eventually posted a terse message on the company’s blog saying that Yahoo Pipes mashups were using “a disproportionate amount of server/bandwidth resources.”Now it would seem that Craigslist has ended its ban of Yahoo Pipes, but for developers we imagine the damage has been done. For its part, the startup Flippity, which was the first to notice its Yahoo Pipe had been blocked, says it has moved on to friendlier sources, rewriting Flippity to use the eBay API.

It wasn’t the first time Craigslist has shutdown outsiders trying to improve on the site’s famously antiquated tools — the site previous blocked ListPic, a tool designed to help Craigslist users browse by images, and a tool to search all the Craigslist sites at once.

As we said in our initial report on this debacle, if you’re a developer looking for data to use in a mashup, think twice about Craigslist. The site has a wealth of data, but it guards it jealously and has no qualms about blocking even major players like Yahoo.

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