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Google I/O 2010 Registration Is Open

Google has announced details for the next Google I/O, the company’s largest developer event. It runs May 19 and 20, 2010, at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Registration is $400 now, but the price goes up to $500 a month before the event, so register early. Students and faculty can get in for $100, but you have to act quickly.

I/O is two days of Google’s big ideas. Past events have been the forum for Android’s coming out party, the debut of Google Wave and VP of engineering Vic Gundotra’s epic HTML5 keynote, which showed off everything the HTML5 stack can do in the browser. The excitement has grown to be huge, much like the Stevenotes from many a Macworld past.

Last year, everyone got a free Android touchscreen phone. The official @googleio Twitter account has been pegged with questions about what’s going to be given away this year, but whoever is operating that feed at Google says there are no plans for giveaways at this year’s event.

Of course, if Google was planning on giving away something extra cool, why would it spoil the surprise?

This year’s event is set up much like the previous ones — there’s a big keynote each morning, followed by breakout sessions all day long on a wide variety of tech topics. Some sessions we’re looking forward to: A bunch of stuff about Chrome, like how to use Chrome Frame, how to make extensions and an update on HTML5′s progress. There’s also an intro to using Chrome’s built-in developer tools.

There are a couple of sessions about how to optimize your site for social activity using single sign-on systems and the real-time publishing technology PubSubHubbub.

There are also sessions on all the Data APIs and Google Web Toolkit. Read the full list.

There are also after-hours parties featuring things like drunken tricycle races, and this year there’s a special gadget party for the hardware geeks (and aren’t we all?).

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