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Thau’s Advanced JavaScript Tutorial

If you’ve gone through Thau’s basic JavaScript tutorial (or you already know a bunch about the subject), Thau’s advanced JavaScript course is just for you. In the previous tutorial, Thau taught the basics. He picks up here where he left off, starting with the meaning of var and if-then-else statements.

He moves along to show you how to make cookies (Mmmmm), and you’ll learn fancy string handling and associative arrays along the way. Give your JavaScript a sense of history and time (by setting timelines on your pages so that different events occur at different times), and then learn how to sense which browser your visitors are using.

Next, his Thauness gives lessons on image mapping and preloading images, with practical applications such as setting up an employee database and creating a virtual pet!

By the end of the five lessons, Thau puts the finishing touches on your JavaScript mastery, covering JavaScripting tools, debugging techniques, and ways to make your code sprint like the wind.

Get started: Lesson 1