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Chrome Web Browser Adds Automatic Translation, Better Privacy Controls

The stable versions of Google’s Chrome web browser have been updated, including some important security fixes for users of the Windows version.

Among the feature highlights in the recent update are better privacy controls, automatic translation of sites not in your native language, and the ability to selectively block JavaScript, pop-up windows, cookies and images by domain.

The new features included in these updates have been available in the beta channel for some time (see our earlier review), but if you’ve been sticking with the stable channel now you to can enjoy the new toys.

While the new features mentioned above only apply to the Windows version of Chrome, Google did recently release some bug fixes and features upgrades to the development channel of the Mac version of Chrome.

Chrome for Mac recently gained a much-improved bookmarks panel that makes it easier to save and edit bookmarks than the previous, virtually non-existent bookmark manager. The Chrome for Mac development team cautions that the new bookmark manager still has bugs, but if you’re desperate for better bookmark tools, it’s definitely worth switching to the development channel.

Google has also released an update for its controversial Chrome Frame, which injects Chrome’s rendering engine into Internet Explorer. The latest version of Chrome Frame is more tightly integrated with IE — it now uses IE’s built-in pop-up blocker — and fixes a number of crashing bugs. You can grab the latest version of the Chrome Frame download page.

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