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Google Buzz Gets a ‘Retweet’ Feature

One of the key ingredients of the Twitter ecosystem is the ability to pass along a link of interest from somebody you follow by retweeting it to your own followers. You get to discover new content and new people of interest at the same time. Now, you can do the same thing in Google Buzz.

The Buzz team announced the new “Reshare” feature Thursday morning. Over the course of the next day or so, it should be showing up as a fourth option under every buzz item in your stream (Google’s product enhancements usually take about a day to roll out) next to Like, Comment and E-mail.

Unlike Twitter’s official “retweet” action, which passes a tweet along to your followers in one click, resharing something in Buzz is a two-step experience. You click the reshare button and you’re given a new window where you can type in your own comments about why you found this particular video of a kitten jumping out of a Pringles can more worthy of your friend’s time than any other video of a kitten jumping out of a Pringles can. This ability to add comments is a bit like Twitter’s old school retweets, which let you add some commentary to the original tweet. But in Buzz, there’s a lot more room to add your own thoughts, as you’re not limited to keeping the whole payload under 140 characters.

Resharing also credits the original poster, keeping their Buzz post, their comments and (most importantly) the links to their profile information intact. If multiple people in your network are resharing and commenting on the same item, you will see all of those posts collapsed under the original.

Google says the reshare action is one of the most requested features in Buzz. You can vote for your own most-wanted feature at the Buzz product ideas web app.

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