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Firefox Sync Graduates From Labs, Ready for Firefox 4

Mozilla’s Weave Syncing tool, which syncs your personal data across multiple PCs and mobile devices, has graduated from Labs and is now and official part of the Firefox 4 roadmap.

Currently still an add-on, Weave Sync was recently re-named Firefox Sync. Soon, it won’t be an add-on at all as it’s destined to become a standard feature of the browser.

Firefox Sync makes it trivially easy to keep your bookmarks, history, open tabs and other browser data in sync across various computers and mobile devices. Mozilla is even working on an app that will bring Firefox Sync to the iPhone.

The final Labs release, version 1.3, is the first to be known by the new name Firefox Sync. The release also has a couple of new features, like a simplified sign-up and setup process and a new action that lets you access all your remote tabs by clicking a single button.

If you’d like to grab the latest version, head over to the new download page. As always, we recommend upgrading all instances of Firefox Sync before actually syncing your data.

By the time Firefox 4 rolls around (later this year or possibly early 2011) Firefox Sync will be just be a standard part of Firefox, no add-on required.

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