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Next Beta of Firefox 4 Delayed a Few Days

The second beta release of Firefox 4 won’t arrive until the middle of this week at the earliest, Mozilla says.

We were expecting Firefox 4 beta 2 last Thursday or Friday. But the Mozilla Wiki page for the browser has been updated with this statement: “Hi! We’re glad you’re interested in Firefox 4 Beta 2 – it’s not quite ready yet. Our candidate builds are still going through quality assurance tests.”

The new proposed release dates are July 27-29.

As we’ve pointed out many times before, Mozilla’s release dates are only targets and not hard-and-fast deadlines. No worries, we can wait.

The final version of Firefox 4 is still expected in October or November. It will ship with increased support for emerging web standards like HTML5 and CSS 3, a new look, and the usual speed improvements. We reviewed the first beta and gave a rundown of the new features. You can always download the most current beta release from Mozilla’s Firefox Beta page.

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