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Test Your Site at Any Size With ResizeMyBrowser

When building a website, it’s critical to test your page against multiple resolutions to make sure everything displays properly on different screens. It’s especially important to test against all the mobile browsers out there, now that the mobile web is exploding and the tablet/netbook web is gathering steam.

ResizeMyBrowser, created by a developer named Chen Luo, is a super-simple web app that snaps your browser’s width and height to a selected resolution.

There are some common resolutions to choose from, including both portrait and landscape views for the iPad, iPhone (older models and and iPhone 4), and Nexus One. You can also set your own custom presets that the app will remember the next time you visit.

It uses the resizeTo JavaScript event, which means it won’t work in Google Chrome (a bug) or in Opera (not supported). But it works in all other desktop browsers.