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Firefox 4 Update Fixes Mac, Windows Bugs

Firefox 4 beta

Mozilla has released Firefox 4 beta 6, but it isn’t the beta 6 you were expecting. The latest release is a very small update with just a few bug fixes. The build originally planned as beta 6 has been pushed back to beta 7.

You can grab Firefox 4 beta 6 from the Mozilla beta downloads page.

The only two changes of note in this release are stability fix for Windows and some rendering and keyboard and mouse focus problems in Mac OS X. If you experienced the Mac bug where white overlays would hide portions of the page, beta 6 takes care of the problem. The other bug fix stops a crashing bug and should make Firefox 4 more stable on Windows.

According to Mozilla’s beta road map the newly renamed beta 7 will arrive October 1st and Firefox 4 will likely reach the feature-freeze stage shortly after that. Although no final release date has been set, judging by the road map, it seems likely Firefox 4 will be ready before the end of 2010.

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