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Google Helps You Avoid Playing Tech Support for the Holidays

Google's new Teach Parents Tech site is friendlier than xkcd's flowchart

If you’re like us you dread going home to see the family for the holidays because it means, when the eggnog is flowing, you’ll be asked to play computer technician for less savvy relatives.

Well this year, Google has a better solution — a new website dubbed “Teach Parents Tech.” The company has put together some fifty videos to help the less tech savvy among your family learn the basics — like how to change desktop backgrounds, create strong passwords, add bookmarks to a web browser or even create a blog.

In addition to the videos, the site offers a handy form letter you can use to send videos to your parents. With a healthy dose of snark — one of the signature options is “good luck (you’ll need it)!” — and some genuinely useful videos, the site just might save you a few headaches this holiday season.

Of course we didn’t see a video on how to re-install Windows after dozens of viruses have brought it to a crawl, so possibly there will still be some work to do while the rest of the family enjoys a nice holiday feast.

Comic by XKCD, CC

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