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It’s World Backup Day, Do You Know Where Your Files Are?

This is your PC.

Amazon’s recent leap into the world of online backups, with its new CloudDrive service, is just one of several dozen ways you can backup your files. And, as anyone with a failed hard drive can tell you, there’s no such thing as too many backups. Sadly, most of us discover the value of good backups only after tragedy strikes.

That’s why a group of Reddit fans were inspired to launch the first ever World Backup Day — today, March 31st 2011.

If you’re not an rsync master with RAID drives, tape machines and servers around the world making copies of your files, the Reddit thread that started the idea of a world backup day is well worth a read. Not only are there plenty of suggestions for automated cloud backup services like Dropbox or Backblaze, there are some great tricks and tips for making sure your files never go missing (like checking your restores — when was the last time you actually tried to recover from your backups?)

If you’ve been a bit lax in your backups, head over to for some discounts from online backup services and more tips for making sure that even if your computer disappears tomorrow your files won’t go with it.

Now go back up your data. Seriously.

Photo: alexmuse/Flickr/CC

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