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Update Adds Firefox 4 Engine to Mozilla’s ‘Chromeless’ Project

Mozilla Labs has updated its Chromeless project to version 0.2. The Chromeless project, which was announced last year, aims to bring web development to the desktop. The now defunct Prism project was a similar effort, but where Prism essentially captured a website and isolated it as a standalone app, Chromeless goes further, adding a new set of APIs that allow apps to interact with the desktop like a native application.

If you’d like to try building apps with Chromeless, head over to GitHub and check out a copy of the code.

The rather ambitious goal of Chromeless is to give web developers a way to write desktop apps using web tools like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Chromeless adds to the web building tools by offering hooks into the operating system, which allows applications to use native tools and interact with your desktop.

While still in the very early stages, Chromeless is starting to shape up. The latest release brings Chromeless’ rendering engine up to par with Firefox 4 and adds a new packaging system which means you can easily create standalone apps.

So far there aren’t too many Chromeless apps to play with, though there are few experiments in the Chromeless GitHub gallery.

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