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Chrome Update Fixes Gestures in OS X Lion

Google has released a minor update to the Chrome dev channel which might be of interest to Mac OS X Lion fans. Previous releases of Chrome for Mac included support for left and right three-finger swipe gestures to navigate backward and forward in browsing history. Unfortunately those gestures conflict with gestures in Lion, which, by default, uses left or right three-finger swipes to navigate among different full-screen apps and desktops.

The latest build of the Chrome dev channel changes Chrome’s gestures for forward and backward navigation to two-finger swipes. If you’ve been frustrated by the conflicting gestures in Chrome on Lion, you can switch over to the dev channel.

One thing to keep in mind if you aren’t accustomed to the Chrome dev channel — it’s much less stable and much more buggy. For example, the Chrome release blog notes that this release, while fixing the issues with Chrome in Lion, breaks support for inline PDF viewing. A fix is reportedly in works, but in the mean time you’ll have to do without.

Along with the gesture fixes come some improvements to Chrome’s V8 JavaScript rendering engine, a better UI for Chrome’s oft over-looked multiple user profile support and some WebSockets improvements.

If you don’t want to run pre-release software fear not, all these features will be making their way to final release status in the next few weeks.

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