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Clear Firefox Tab Clutter with ‘Snaporama’

Mozilla Labs has released another experimental add-on that tweaks the Panorama, the grouped tab feature in Firefox 4+. Snaporama, as the new add-on is known, takes a “snapshot” of all the tabs you have open, and later lets you open up that snapshot as a new tab group. Think of Snaporama as a kind of temporary batch tab bookmark feature.

To try it out, head over to the Firefox add-ons page and download the Snaporama extension. The add-on requires Firefox 4b7 and works up through Firefox 8.

Once Snaporama is installed all you need to do is click the camera icon in the add-ons bar to create a snapshot. Give your snapshot a name and Snaporama will save it for later access. Handy if you’re developing several websites and want to group and save your open tabs for each.

If you’ve got suggestions or features requests for Snaporama be sure to let Mozilla know your ideas.

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