Yahoo’s YSlow Now Available for Opera

YSlow, Yahoo’s web development tool (since released as an open source project, YSLow) designed to help you speed up your site’s page load times by showing you exactly what’s slowing them down, is now available for Opera. YSlow began life as a Firefox extension but has since been ported to Google Chrome, and is also available as a JavaScript bookmarklet for mobile and other browsers.

The new YSlow Opera extension is basically the JavaScript bookmarklet wrapped in some native code so that it gets its own toolbar button and settings file. If you’d like to add it to Opera, head on over to the Opera add-ons site and download a copy.

Opera already ships with Dragonfly, an impressive set of web development tools to rival Firebug or anything you’ll find in Webkit browsers. Adding YSlow to the Opera toolkit makes the browser an even more compelling choice for web developers.

Illustration from “Physics for Entertainment” by Yakov Isidorovich Perelman from

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