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Slide Show Time: Building a Future-Friendly Web

Embedded above is an excellent presentation by Brad Frost. Below you can find a video that goes along with the slides.

Frost’s slides and talk revolve around the idea that the web is changing too rapidly to claim we can create future-proof websites or webapps. Instead we need to think in terms of future-friendly sites. In other words, forget perfection and start embracing what elements you can today. For Frost that means tools like responsive design, but also creating content that is “like water.”

“Think of your core content as a fluid thing that gets poured into a huge number of containers,” writes Frost. “Get your content ready to go anywhere because it’s going to go everywhere.”

Of particular note in the slides is Frost’s breakdown of into content and, ahem, not content. As Frost says, “people’s capacity for bullshit is rapidly diminishing… we need to respect people’s time and give them relevant, purposeful content without the extra cruft.” In other words, don’t be Forbes.

Be sure to check out the various helpful websites and books Frost lists toward the end for more on how to make your own sites future-friendly. [Update: Here’s a link to Frost’s collection of helpful links and resources for future-friendly sites.]

For a Future Friendly Web from Brad Frost on Vimeo.

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