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Mozilla Aims to Build a Better Web With ‘Webmakers’ Project [Updated]

Mozilla Webmakers Summer Code Party, coming soon.

Mozilla has kicked off a new effort to do something that’s very near and dear to Webmonkey’s heart — helping people create cool stuff on the web. Mozilla Webmaker, as the new initiative is known, wants to create “a new generation of webmakers, and a more web literate world.”

Mark Surman, Mozilla’s Executive Director, calls web literacy “the world’s second language,” and goes on to say Mozilla believes web literacy is “a vital 21st century skill — as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.”

To help bring that literacy to more people around the world Mozilla’s Webmaker will offer a variety of different things to try, each aimed at different interests:

  • 1) Tools. Authoring tools and software, designed and built with our community. From supercharging web video with Popcorn, to remixing with Hackasaurus, to making your own web pages with Thimble.
  • 2) Projects. Practical starter projects, how-tos and recipes, designed to help people at all levels make something amazing with the web. From tweaking your blog template to building apps that change the world.
  • 3) Community. Bringing people with diverse skills and backgrounds together. Teachers, filmmakers, journalists, youth. From web ninjas to newbies. All making and learning together at events, meet-ups and hack jams everywhere.

Webmaker isn’t just Mozilla, either; the company has partnered with the likes of Tumblr, Creative Commons, Code for America, and dozens of others.

To get things started, Mozilla will kick off what it calls a “Summer Code Party” on June 23. And yes, it sounds a lot like Google’s Summer of Code, but with a focus on building the open web. Head over to the Webmaker site to search for something near you or start your own event.

For more info about Summer Code Party and other aspects of the Webmaker initiative head over to the new site, or check out the intro video below.

[Update: Several readers have asked about Thimble, mentioned in the Mozilla quote above. A Mozilla spokeperson tells Webmonkey, “Mozilla Thimble is the name of a web app we’re building that provides a live side-by-side code editor for webmakers — code on the left, live preview on the right.” Thimble will also provide error checking and code tips find and fix mistakes quickly. Mozilla says the goal is to “give webmakers a tool to build and share web pages and also allows them to load in our pre-made project templates with guided content.” Mozilla Thimble will launch as a beta in early June, in time for the Summer Code Party campaign.]