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New Opera Mini 7.5 Introduces ‘Smart Page’

Webmonkey is in your Opera Mini Smart Page, making you smarter. Image: Webmonkey.

Opera software has released Opera Mini 7.5 for Android.

To update or install Opera Mini on your Android device, head on over to or Google Play.

The latest version of Opera’s lightweight, speedy mobile browser — not to be confused with the much more full-featured Opera Mobile — adds a new feature, the “Smart Page,” for what Opera calls “social snacks.”

The new Smart Page is a social media and news aggregator, offering one-stop access to your friends’ updates from Facebook or Twitter, as well as news from the websites you visit most frequently.

Because Opera Mini proxies your internet connection through Opera’s servers, making page downloads considerably smaller and faster, the company can use the sites you’ve visited to compile what amounts to ad hoc feeds for your most visited sites. As with all things automated, the more you use Opera Mini the better your news results will be.

Opera Mini is also available for iOS and other platforms, but so far this latest version is only available on Android. An Opera spokesperson declined to comment on when other Opera Mini releases might be updated.

To see the new Smart Page feature in action, check out this video: