GitHub Personalizes Gists for Easier Code Sharing

This is not an Octocat. Image: GitHub.

GitHub has personalized the code sharing site’s “Gists” feature, changing the URL to include your GitHub username, rather than just a random, anonymous number.

The change means that you can easily get to a list of all your Gists by heading to<username>/.

Gists, which started off as a simple way to dump and share snippets and short pieces of reusable code (something akin to the older Pastebin), were recently upgraded to be full-fledged Git repos

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behind the scenes. That means Gists are automatically versioned, forkable and usable as Git repos, complete with diffs.

Now that Gists are considerably more than just Pastebin-style code snippets, it makes sense to offer users a quick and easy way to get to their Gists from anywhere thanks to a memorable URL.

The newly personalized Gists come with an automatic URL redirect. So if your Gist used to live at it will now be redirected to As some GitHub users point out on Hacker News, there’s a flaw in GitHub’s system that means anyone can register a numeric username and cause a Gist to redirect to the wrong page. Hopefully GitHub will fix that in the near future..