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JQuery Update Improves HTML5 Data Tools

John Resig and the rest of the JQuery team have released a major upgrade to the popular jQuery JavaScript framework.

JQuery 1.6 is now available for download from the JQuery site (or you can update to the new CDN URLs)

Standout features in this release include tweaks to the .data() method, which automatically imports any HTML5 data- attributes on an element and converts them to JavaScript values using JSON semantics. For jQuery 1.6, the .data() method has been updated to match the W3C HTML5 spec which calls for camel-casing data attributes that have embedded dashes.

For example, in jQuery 1.5.2, an attribute of data-max-value="15" would create a data object of { max-value: 15 } but as of jQuery 1.6 it sets { maxValue: 15 }.

That, along with a few other changes, may break some code here and there, so be sure to test your apps before making the plunge into jQuery 1.6. For more info on everything that’s new, head over to the jQuery blog.

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