Improve Your Website’s Typography With Kern.js

Web typography used to be something of an oxymoron, but recent browser advances and tools like Typekit have helped bring web typography out of the dark ages with custom fonts. Thanks to JavaScript libraries like Lettering.js you can tweak those custom fonts — targeting specific words or letters — and adjust them to your liking.

Lettering.js even makes it possible to do custom kerning on the web. Kerning refers to the space between characters in proportional width fonts. CSS has long offered the letter-spacing property, but because it applies to an entire element — for example an h2 tag — what you’re really doing with letter-spacing is adjusting the tracking.

To actually control kerning you need to target each letter individually. Because Lettering.js can wrap each letter in your text with span tags, you can then target each span separately, adjusting the spacing of individual letters, or, kerning.

But, handy as Lettering.js is, tweaking the letter-spacing, hitting refresh, tweaking some more and so on is still a rather tedious way to improve your kerning. That’s why designer Brendan Stromberger created the Kern.js JavaScript bookmarklet. Used in conjunction with Lettering.js, Kern.js allows you to adjust kerning by simply selecting and dragging letters (or you can use the arrow keys). Kerning adjustments can be made in pixels or ems, so even you if you have a liquid layout there’s no reason you can’t get in on the kerning fun. Once you’ve got your kerning looking the way you’d like, just hit the “finish editing” button and Kern.js will spit out the necessary CSS to apply.

Kerning is admittedly a somewhat nerdy pursuit in a field that’s already pretty nerdy to begin with, but if you’ve developed an obsession with good looking typography, you know that there’s more to it than just dropping in some Typekit fonts. Thanks to Lettering.js and Kern.js, you can finally improve kerning on the web without the tedium of endless page refreshes.

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