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There’s Nostalgia in the Waters of Lake.js

Remember when the best way to align table cells was with a one-pixel gif? For that matter, remember tables?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how far the web has come in the last decade, which is why we like the otherwise somewhat useless Lake.js. Lake.js is a JQuery plugin that creates a shimmering reflection of an image, an effect that dates from the days of Geocities — back when the web was nothing but one pixel gifs and under construction banners.

The appeal of Lake.js isn’t just about nostalgia though, it’s also a nice reminder that the web no longer needs to rely on terrible Java applets (the main source of cheesy lake reflections in the early days), or any other proprietary technologies to build shimmering lake effects. Today web standards like HTML, CSS and JavaScript can pull off not just lakes made of <canvas>, but things that were, until very recently, almost inconceivable.

Sure some of the web’s most common tools might still be hacks (CSS floats anyone?), but at least when we want cheesy rippling water we don’t have to download a 120 MB “applet” anymore.

Also, the first person to port Lake.js to pure CSS… please e-mail us when you’re done.

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Video: The Show With Ze Frank Returns to the Web

Humorist and web artist extraordinaire Ze Frank is returning to the internet airwaves with new episodes of The Show. The Show, which Frank wrote, produced and starred in, was a daily video show about, well, everything.

Although much-loved by sports racers everywhere, Frank stopped making The Show in 2007, after roughly a year’s worth of daily episodes. But now The Show is back. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Frank has released the first episode, “An Invocation for Beginnings.”

Not only are we happy to see The Show return, the first episode also serves as an inspiration for any who’s is trying to start something. As Frank puts it, “anyone who’s stuck between zero and one.” So enjoy the first episode of the new The Show and then get out there and make something awesome and “enjoy the cheese of accomplishment.”

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Jokes for Nerds: Wat Moments in Programming

If you ever doubt your nerdery, head on over to Destroy All Software and watch the video of programmer Gary Bernhardt’s Wat talk. If you find yourself laughing, rest assured, you’re a nerd.

The talk comes from CodeMash 2012, where Bernhardt took a few moments to highlight a few WAT? (link NSFW) moments in some of the web’s favorite languages like Ruby and JavaScript.

Seriously JavaScript, what’s up with this:

> [] + {}
[object Object]
> {} + []
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Forget New Twitter. Check Out Old Facebook

1997 called. Your CRT is ready.

The tech press is abuzz, debating the merits and failures of the new (new new?) Twitter web and mobile designs.

If you’re like most, you aren’t even seeing Twitter’s new website just yet, so if you’d like to contemplate something a bit more fun on a Friday morning, consider what Twitter might have looked like had it been around in 1997.

You might remember 1997, the heady early days of web design — 1-pixel spacer images, animated gifs, tables with gray borders and a magical new idea called “cascading stylesheets.”

How would Twitter have looked in that world? We’ll never know, but thanks to a new art project dubbed “Once Upon” you can see what Facebook, YouTube and Google+ might have looked like had they been around in 1997. Once Upon was created by artists Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, who describe the project as “three important contemporary web sites recreated with the technology and spirit of late 1997, according to our memories.”

That’s right, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ redesigned in the spirit and look of 1997. As an added bonus the demo site has been set up to limit bandwidth at a 1997-esque 8 kB/s so it loads just as painfully slow as it would have on dialup.

Naturally all three sites are “best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.03 and a screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels, running under Windows 95″ (that resolution actually seems a bit large for 1997, but that’s okay). If you can’t find a Windows 95 machine in the closet fear not, the demo site will work in any web browser that supports frames.

[via Today and Tomorrow]

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Easter Egg: Google Flips for “Do a Barrel Roll”

Just in case you missed it: A recently uncovered Easter Egg proves Google still has a sense of humor.

To see the hidden feature just head to and search for the phrase “do a barrel roll.” Provided your browser is up to the task — the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox should all work — the search results page will do a barrel roll.

It’s worth a chuckle at least, but gaming nerds will be even more impressed to learn that the search phrase “Z or R twice” does the same barrel roll.

Google is well known for its Easter Eggs and has even gone so far as to embed an entire flight simulator in Google Earth. These latest two were found by Jason Cross, senior editor at PCWorld. In the Google+ thread below Cross’ post users point out a few more Google search Easter Eggs, including “tilt“, “ascii art” (check out the Google logo) and our personal favorite, the quite subtle “recursion.”

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