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Creatives refer to an advertisements text or copy.

Advertising people are funny. They call magazines “books,” television “broadcast,” and advertisements “creative.” While the idea of calling ads “creative” may vary from ludicrously hopeful to woefully inadequate, when someone from the advertising world tells you they’ve been doing some great creative lately, what they really mean is “ads.”

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Direct Response

On the Web, direct response usually refers to a clickthrough on an ad banner.

Many advertisers will audit the effectiveness of a campaign based on the number or percentage of direct responses. While this can lead to the hard-bargain, cost-per-click deals that almost entirely ignore the branding value of web advertising, evaluating response is often the best way to an honest audit of the product, advertising message, and ad placement.

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The term “eyeballs” is a quaint reference to the number of people who see, or “lay their eyes on,” a certain advertisement. When buying radio time, marketers refer to “ears” instead of “eyeballs.”

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If anyone who isn’t a network engineer mentions “hits” to you, they’re probably trying to pull the cyberwool over your eyes. Hits are the individual requests a server answers in order to render a single web page completely. The page document itself, the various images on the page, any other media files embedded there – each of these items represents a separate hit. In other words, the more GIFs used in a page, the higher the hit count – so while hits may be a good indication of poor page design, they won’t tell you much about traffic.