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Swung Dash Slat Wax Fang Slosh Dee Wane Slak Pit-Thwong

That is to say, ~/(^\d)/;, a respectable little snip of Perl, as you’d read it out loud to your friends. Or how would you pronounce it?

Jeff Atwood has an entertaining compilation of the various ways programmers pronounce the symbols they use, when they talk to other humans. It’s gleaned from the pronunciation guide at Ascii-Table.comEvidently ` is called a blugle, { } are Tuborgs, and [ and ] are affectionately known as bra and ket.

Ahh, old-school programmer humor. Next somebody’s got to take on the question of pronouncing /usr, /etc, /lib and their cohorts — it’s not as obvious as you might guess. How do you say them?

Image from this poem

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