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Details On The Open Source Version Of Movable Type

Mt4When Six Apart first announced it would release an open source version of the popular blogging tool, Movable Type, it initially indicated that the open source variation would lack some of the features in the proprietary version. However the company seems to have changed its mind.

In a comment posted on the original announcement, Byrne Reese, Product Manager for Movable Type writes:

this is our current thinking:

  • What will be MTOS will be available from subversion this month (November 2007) – actually MT 4.01 is available from svn now at
  • The first release of MTOS will then be in December to coincide with the release of the next version of MT.
  • The feature set of MTOS will be that of MT4.0. There will be no feature in MT4 that will be removed from MTOS.

Judging by these details, MTOS will be identical it MT4. While that’s great news for those looking forward to hacking (or just using) the open source version of MT, it raises some questions for commercial users — what do you get for your money?

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WordPress Update Causes Privacy Controversy

wordpresslogo.jpgWordPress has rolled out an upgrade to the popular blogging tool adding native tagging support, plugin update notification, URL handling improvements and more. Version 2.3 of WordPress can be downloaded from

Perhaps the most welcome news for WordPress users is the native tagging support which allows allows you to use tags in addition to the existing “categories” function (which many used as a tags replacement). Included in the new version are importers for a number of third party plugins so, if you?ve been using a plugin for tags, you can easily fold your data into the new system.

A more controversial new feature is the update notification which lets you know when there is a new release of WordPress and when any of the plugins you use has an update available.

There’s a long thread on the WordPress Google Group about this tidbit: “It works by sending your blog URL, plugins, and version information to our new service which then compares it to the plugin database and tells you what’s the latest and greatest you can use.”

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Six Apart Launches Movable Type 4

Six Apart’s latest release, Movable Type 4, is out of beta and into the wild. Movable Type 4 features a completely redesigned admin interface and some 50 new features. For full details on what’s new in MT4 check out our earlier coverage of the beta.

Perhaps the most notable feature of MT4 which we didn’t discuss in our earlier review is the move to a component-based architecture where paid extensions and additional functionality run on top of the same code base. In other words the enterprise version of MT4 can be laid on top of an existing MT4 installation.

The more modular approach should make it easier to upgrade and migrate your installation should you decide that the features merit the price.

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FeedBurner Gives Blogger Users Better Access to RSS Tools

News feed management service FeedBurner is giving Blogger users the option to redirect their blogs’ feeds to a FeedBurner feed. This will afford users of Google’s blogging software access to FeedBurner’s powerful tracking and analytics tools for RSS. It will also help Blogger users who may be plagued by auto-discovery problems or innacurate data report due to fragmented feeds.

Earlier this month, Feedburner made its TotalStats and MyBrand RSS management products free to all users (FeedBurner has both free and paid features). Both of these developments follow June’s acquisition of the feed service by Google for a reported $100 million.

In addition to bloggers, FeedBurner also publishes the feeds from a number of enterprise companies, including Reuters, Newsweek and AOL. As of June 2007, Feedburner claims to be handling over 720,000 feeds from over 420,000 publishers.

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Movable Type 4.0 Beta: Popular Blogging Tool To Go Open Source

Blogging software giant Six Apart has announced the beta release of Movable Type (MT) 4.0. MT 4.0 is the first release since 2004′s MT 3.0 and brings upwards of 50 new features and a completely revamped interface.

SixApart Vice President, Anil Dash, writing on the Six Apart blog, also says that the new version will be released under the GPL, which means MT 4.0 will be open source like its main competitor, WordPress.

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