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Using the New Features in Adobe BrowserLab

BrowserLabThe following tutorial comes to us courtesy of Adobe. The company introduced some new enhancements to its BrowserLab service last week to improve its cross-browser testing abilities, and this is an overview of how to use some of these enhancements.

We told you about BrowserLab here on Webmonkey when it first showed up as part of Dreamweaver CS5 in April. It’s a hosted service that lets web developers preview their work across multiple browsers and operating systems in a single environment. Since it’s a hosted service, Adobe can update the backend with the latest code from all the popular browser engines as they’re updated in the real world.

It integrates fully with Creative Suite 5, so if you’re using Dreamweaver, you can launch BrowserLab previews at any point in your workflow and test your live code against all the major browsers.

Adobe may eventually turn BrowserLab into a paid service (the cost will likely be between $200-300 per year), but if you sign up for access before April 30, 2011, you can secure an account for a full year at no charge. All you need is an Adobe ID login, which is free.

The new features of the include a BrowserLab add-on for Firebug and the ability to smart-align screenshots. There are also some further integrations with Creative Suite 5. To walk us through using these new features, Webmonkey has collaborated with Scott Fegette, a technical product manager for Dreamweaver and BrowserLab.

So, take it away, Scott.
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