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Yahoo Looking to Sell, Not Shut Down Delicious

Good news Delicious fans — Yahoo has finally made something of an announcement, saying that the bookmarking service will not be shut down, but sold off.

Despite a leaked, internal image that listed Delicious and other services in a “sunset” category, Yahoo denies it is planning to shut the bookmarking service down.

The Delicious blog says the service is looking for “a home outside the company that would make more sense for the service and our users.”

According to the same announcement, the tech press is to blame for assuming that “sunset” meant shut down. More likely, Yahoo simply wasn’t ready for the level of backlash that rumors of Delicious’ demise brought about, and now the company is backpedalling.

Yahoo also hasn’t made any announcement regarding MyBlogLog, Yahoo Buzz or any of the other services listed as “sunset” in the leaked graphic that circulated last week.

Presumably, in some cases, sunset does in fact mean “shut down.”

Still, the word that Delicious will live on in some form is good news for the millions of users and bookmarks the service currently hosts. Unfortunately, Yahoo has not denied that it has laid off the engineers and technical staff behind Delicious.

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