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Microsoft And Sun To Shack Up

cupid.jpgIn a move that might surprise some, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems announced a partnership yesterday that will make Sun a Windows Server Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), selling x64-based servers that come bundled with Windows Server 2003.

Other key details of the announcement include both companies pledging better interoperability between Windows and Sun x64 systems. Part of that project will be the construction of a “Interoperability Center” at the Redmond campus.

According to the press release, the new center will act as a working lab for Windows on Sun development, “including joint Sun/Microsoft solutions in areas such as databases, e-mail and messaging, virtualization, and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) support.”

While the partnership between the two is not without some precedent, it still strikes us as slightly odd to see a company that vowed to to bring down Microsoft, turn into a manufacturer of Windows servers — if you can’t beat ‘em….

Check out Epicenter’s coverage for more details about the announcement.

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This Saturday Is Software Freedom Day


Mark your calendar, this Saturday, September 15th, is Software Freedom Day, a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The goal is to educate the public about the benefits of using high quality FOSS software.

The Software Freedom International organization has set up a website which coordinates SFD, providing support, giveaways and a point of collaboration, but the bulk of the work is done by (who else?) volunteer teams organizing local SFD events in their own communities around the world.

One of the SFI’s main goals is to foster a general understanding of software freedom, and encourage adoption of free software and open standards, and, as always, the free here means both free as in beer and free as in “libre.”

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Universal Music Sues Veoh Over User Videos

veoh.jpgThe music industry versus the internet is heading into round ten million. In the left corner, Universal Music Group, a struggling, archaic distribution service is trying to get a foothold in the new online ring. In the right corner, new media, user-generated online video distributor Veoh isn’t looking worried.

Veoh opened the bout last month with a preemptive swing, but now Universal has decided to file a lawsuit against the video sharing site claiming that Veoh “follows in the ignominious footsteps of other recent mass infringers such as Napster, Aimster, KaZaA, and Morpheus, engaging in high-tech theft in the name of ‘sharing.’”

This fight looks a lot like the one down the hall where Google And Viacom are duking it out in another ring. Presumably Universal decided to pick on a smaller site because Viacom has already stolen all the thunder that comes from taking on the big boys.

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Wired News Talks To The Most Hated Man In Software

mcbride.jpgIn case you haven’t seen it, Wired News ran a story this morning in which David Kravets sits down with the most hated man in technology — CEO and president of SCO Group, Darl McBride — to talk about the recent court decision against SCO.

On the outside chance you’ve been on an interstellar journey for the last ten years here’s the background: SCO has been fighting it out with Novell over the rights to Unix (and consequently large portions of Linux, according to SCO) for some time now. The majority of the dispute revolves around the wording of the purchase, which according to McBride, says at one point that SCO is purchasing “all right, title and interest in the Unix operating system,” but then later says “excluding copyrights and patents.”

McBride and SCO tout the most liberal interpretation of the former passage and are suing over the later, but a Utah judge recently ruled that SCO did not own Unix copyrights outright. However, McBride tells Wired News that the ruling also says “copyrights of Unix up to 1995 are owned by Novell. (But) any of the copyrights developed by SCO after 1995 are owned by SCO.”

It’s an interesting read if you’ve been following the case and it gives a look a face behind the name that Linux users everywhere love to drag through the mud.

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Presidential Debate: YouTube Users Steal The Show

If it wasn’t a household name already, YouTube’s contribution to the Democratic debates will prove the tipping point. Hosted by Anderson Cooper, last night’s televised debate featuring questions from YouTube users brought the popular website into the living room.

With questioners ranging from a talking snowman to a man strumming a guitar, the users of YouTube proved once again that the masses are, if nothing else, more unpredictable than your typical debate moderator.

As for the candidates, they managed to dodge questions, brush off pointed inquires for position statements and generally skate by on vague promises with the same aplomb they’ve mastered in more typical debates.

Highlight reels follow.

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