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Real Time Video-to-ASCII Converter Written in JavaScript

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Works in all modern browsers. The demo lets you choose between an iPod ad and “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. You know what to do.

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Vryo Asks ‘Who Can Relax the Fastest?’


Vyro Games demonstrated its egg-shaped personal input pod, or "PiP," the device used in Vyro’s casual games for Bluetooth phones. You hold the PiP in your hand, and it measures biometrics like skin moisture to determine how relaxed you are. Vyro has developed a series of 1-on-1 and single-player mobile games to promote relaxation — the less stressed you are, the better your chances of winning. The Vyro representative on stage couldn’t relax enough to get his virtual dragon to fly around on the screen. More pics after the jump. Photo: Brian Solis via Flickr.

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DEMO Offers A New Spin on Gambling


A close-up of WMS Gaming‘s new "transmissive reels" tech for its casino slot machines. The device works just like a regular slot machine, but the reels have LCD screens on them. More views after the jump. Photos: Brian Solis via Flickr.

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‘Show and Tell’ for Start-ups: DEMOfall 2007 Kicks Off Tuesday

Prepare yourself for a flood of product launches and funding announcements — not to mention some exasperated liveblogging — because the DEMO Conference’s fall 2007 session is in full swing this week.

The conference, which starts in earnest Tuesday morning and runs through Wednesday evening in San Diego, California, is a showcase for 70-odd companies to debut their newest technology products. The wares on display range from social web services for consumers to secure mobile applications for the enterprise. And unlike regular emerging tech conferences, which rely on sponsorships and presenter fees to choose the participants, each presenting company at DEMO is hand-picked by the event’s executive producer, Chris Shipley. The idea is that you only get to see the good stuff — and it’s all good stuff.

Most of the products are kept under wraps until show time, but we’re already hearing some buzz about a few of them. MotionDSP’s FixMyMovie service, which cleans up pixelated video to produce sharper, more professional-looking results from consumer-level cameras, shows promise. So does mSpoke’s FeedHub, a personalized RSS service which filters a set of feeds chosen by you and only returns the specific headlines you want. Other products gathering some pre-show buzz: YourTrumanShow‘s video-sharing widget for social networks, LiveMocha’s social network for international tech workers trying to learn how to speak a new language and Earthmine‘s mapping service, which sounds like it mashes Google Maps Street View with Microsoft Photosynth to create browsable, 3-D panoramas of real life street scenes.

Wired News reporter Marty Graham will be on site and offering her own perspective of DEMOfall 2007′s various wares here on Compiler. The demos start tomorrow, but the official kick-off party is tonight, so Marty is already sharpening her pencils in anticipation. You can read all of our conference coverage here in the DEMO category on this blog.