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Firefox 19 for Android Eases CPU Requirements

Image: Mozilla

To go along with its desktop cousin, Mozilla has also released Firefox 19 for Android.

You can grab the update from Mozilla or just search for Firefox in the Google Play Store.

As with the desktop release, the Android release is light on new features, but it does add support for themes and, more importantly, lowers the CPU requirement for Firefox on Android to 600MHz.

The lower CPU requirements open up the possibility of running Firefox on a few more Android devices, though keep in mind that Firefox still requires Android 2.2 or better. You can peruse the full list of known supported devices to see if your older Android device is on the list.

Web developers will be happy to note that the same updated standards support found in today’s desktop release — namely support for @page, full width text transforms and the new viewport percentage units like vh, vw, vmax and vmin — is also in the mobile version.

For a list of everything that’s new in Firefox 19 for Android, as well as a list of bugs and issues that remain, check out Mozilla’s release notes.