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And the Winner is…

Hack Day ended late last night, and the winning entry for best hack was awarded to the three woman team that created Blogging in Motion. Their hack involved a hardware device consisting of a camera embedded inside a handbag that automatically takes a photo every few steps, then ZoneTags the pictures and posts them to a blog. Check it out in action at their site.

I've attached a photo below of Diana, Audrey and Emily accepting their award that was taken using their handbag camera. Check out all of the Flickr photos from the event tagged "HackDay06".

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Let The Hacking Begin

The Hack Day developer's workshops are drawing to a close. The last sessions for today include a few hands-on demonstrations of Yahoo APIs. Then, after the totally rocking party, attendees will head out to their tents and sleeping bags and work through the night on their perfect Yahoo hacks. The 90-second demos are tomorrow afternoon, and then the winners of the "best hack" awards will be announced by emcee Mike Arrington from TechCrunch. I talked to one hacker who's actually more excited to see him than Beck.

We'll be giving you updates tomorrow to tell you about the winning hack!

Hey, kid — wanna sticker?

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Coates and Rabble

Tom Coates (left), Yahoo's social software specialist and keeper of with Rabble from Flickr.

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Web 2.0: Getting it Right the Second Time

Matt Sweeney of the Yahoo user interface group thinks that the web needs a good scrubbing.

He just finished giving a talk called "Web 2.0: Getting it Right the Second Time." Matt drew nods of agreement from the crowd when he said that many web programmers spend too much time breaking down monolithic blocks of poorly maintained and poorly thought out code from however many years ago.

"Most of us are still cleaning up the past," says Sweeney. He gave the audience three high-level usage practices that should maximize accessibility and reusability: Semantic markup, progressive enhancement, and encapsulisation.

Matt posts frequently to the Yahoo User Interface blog, where he often announces new UI enhancements the various Yahoo products. Plus, the title of his talk is killer.

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Yahoo Hack Day News Roundup

Some random bits of news from Yahoo Hack Day 2006:

  • There's also a new API for Yahoo Mail that lets you build services for Yahoo Mail users.
  • Flickr has rolled out support for JSON and serialized PHP responses.
  • Check out the Hack Day Flickr slideshow at the Hack Day blog. There's a Flash slideshow app pulling photos from Flickr tagged with HackDay06. Anyone here at Yahoo Hack Day who's curious about learning how to build such a slideshow, there's a Flick API tutorial later this afternoon. Lots of photos of Beck's equipment showing up right now…

Up next is Matt Sweeney talking about the promise of Web 2.0. Stay tuned.