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Mac vs. PC vs. Linux — South Park Style

Gabe Schwarzer, the video creator who brought us the original Mac vs. PC "South Park" style parody ad is back with a sequel. Gabe wrote in to tell us his Mac vs. PC vs. Linux video is up on his website.

In the credits, Gabe notes that he used the South Park Studios app to make the characters. He also says he created the video on a PC and a Mac "because one just isn’t enough." I guess that tells us exactly how he feels about Linux — presuming the video doesn’t settle the issue in the first place.

[via Wild Tree Design]

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Forumwarz RPG: Hilarious Satire Skewers the Web [NSFW]

forumwarz.jpg Essentially a role-playing game (RPG), Forumwarz humorously mocks internet culture – satirizing the flame wars, comment trolls, terrible grammar and other mainstays of the web. It’s a pretty funny way to while away a Friday, (though not safe for work).

Forumwarz bills itself as "a role-playing game so epic you will never again leave your mom’s basement."

It’s hard to go wrong with roles like Troll, Camwhore or Emo Kid. And just like your run of the mill RPG, each character has its own abilities, or lack thereof.

Should you decide to actually play, the goal is to wreak havoc on a series of fake websites, accumulating cred as you go. But even if you don’t play the game, the trailer is enough to make you smile.

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Why Emacs Always Wins in the End


Whether the proposed Yahoo-Microsoft merger has you in knots or it’s just a slow afternoon, here’s your Friday dose of nerd humor to get you into the weekend. As always, xkcd delivers. Damn those Emacs gurus.

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People Against Drunk Programmers or Windows ME Explained


Xkcd strikes again with a bit of humor for your Monday morning. Should you be a programmer nursing a hangover, just forward this to the boss.

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Cast Your Vote: Wired’s 2007 Vaporware Awards


Every year, Wired News applauds the finest examples of hype, empty promises and smoke-and-mirrors PR the technology industry has to offer.

We’ve always let you, the readers, pick the winners for our annual Vaporware Awards, and nominations for this year’s list are still pouring in. As expected, Duke Nukem Forever (shown above) is topping the charts yet again, and we’ve got some familiar faces from years past like the Optimus Maximus Keyboard and the aptly-named Phantom gaming console. But we’ve also seen a strong showing from some last-minute newcomers like the Tesla Roadster and Windows Mobile 6 for the BlackJack.

So now it’s time to push your favorite over the top! You can only cast one vote (up or down) for each item on the list. But even if you’ve already voted, take a second look to see if there’s a new candidate filled with enough hot air to dethrone King Duke.

Got something to nominate? Go ahead and add it to the list. Read our quick refresher on the rules below.

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