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Sun Shines Light On OpenID

250pxopenid_logosvgSun has announced it will start supporting OpenID, but with a unique twist. Sun won’t be offering a consumer solution, rather it’s starting with its own employees.

With Microsoft, Yahoo, AOl and others embracing OpenID one might wonder why Sun’s rather limited foray warrants attention, but the difference is in how Sun is using OpenID.

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Lookit What SXSW Did to Twitter


And that huge orange bar all the way on the right is only half of March. Yikes. Andy Baio has the full story at

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Twitter Needs an RSS Tool

And I don’t mean a tool to read somebody’s twittings as an RSS feed. We’ve got that — it’s called a feed reader.

Twitter needs a tool or some slot in the API so that we can broadcast our RSS feeds over Twitter.

Update: Winer has created a NYT RSS feed/Twitter mashup. Somebody want to make one for Wired News?

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Twitter: The New Cat Blog?


Dave Winer examines the argument. He makes a great point, namely that when blogging first started out, people were decrying it as a fad. Twitter is going through a similar cycle, but has yet to build up the same level of momentum as a useful tool.

Dave: "How many pizza deliveries on the other coast can you stand to be notified of before you unsub?"

Leander, our managing editor, isn’t buying into the fad. He’s convinced his Twitter feed would read something like "I’m putting on my socks!" or "I’m going to the bathroom!" Like, who cares?

Steve Rubel puts it all into perspective. Here’s a note that he sent out earlier today — on Twitter, of course: "As Twitter grows in popularity, so will its use for cat blogging. It will grow old fast. People will want bites of substance."

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Twitter is Ruling SXSW


When you’re down at SXSWi zipping to and from different venues, what’s the best way to stay in touch with your friends? This year, it’s not phone, IM or email, it’s Twitter.

I was just talking to Laughing Squid’s Scott Beale, an avid Twitter fan, and he tells me that he’s seen tons people signing up for Twitter within the last couple of weeks as the conference drew closer. He also says that everyone’s using it to meet up at SXSW. He says he and his group of friends used Twitter to find each other last night when most of them arrived. Use of the update service is getting so huge that Scoble thinks SXSW is going to break it.

Twitter is playing along, too — the company has set up HD plasma screens in the Austin Convention Center to display messages sent out to the SXSW group. Instructions on how to join the group are on the Twitter blog. You should also read Scott’s blog post about Twitter and Splashcast at SXSW.

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