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iPhone Asks: ‘Would You Like to Play a Game of News?’

Picture_13NewsMatch is a simple quiz game for the iPhone developed by the Laszlo Systems team here at the camp. The user is presented with a group of headlines and a set of images. The game component involves matching each image thumbnail to the appropriate headline. When you get a match, you are invited to click through and read the news article.

The animated user interface is the web app’s killer feature. Images fly around, headlines fade in and layers slide on top of one another. The display shows off the company’s OpenLaszlo open-source library for designing Ajax applications.

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ChunkLove — Another Way to Surf Amazon

Picture_11Several iPhoneDevCamp hackers are using Amazon to build mobile shopping apps, but this simple wrapper for the site’s API takes a different approach than most. ChunkLove scans the site for the best savings, and the home page presents clickable categories based on the percentage of savings found within. You can also browse by product categories, which is helpful, since clicking on the amount you want to save returns expectedly haphazard results.

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Remote Ambient Fishing? The Pool is One Strange App

Picture_12Here’s one for the Zen fans in the crowd. The Pool is an app created by a group of three developers who met on Friday night at the camp kick-off. (Update: here’s a newer link). They wanted to create something that involves touching the screen, so they drew a top-down view of the rippling surface of a lake. Touch the screen to make new ripples on the lake. Multiple iPhone users can all touch the lake at once, and the app keeps track of who’s touching where. When two users touch the same spot in the lake at the same time, the players catch a fish. And yes, a fish really appears. Kind of cool, if kind of totally useless.

I’ve been touching for two minutes and I/we haven’t caught any fish yet. Better than a day at the office…

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Browse Amazon on the iPhone with TeleMoose

The demos have started here at iPhoneDevCamp. TeleMoose is presenting right now — they’ve hacked up a very sweet interface for The default screen loads up a simplified list and some product thumbnails that can be scrolled horizontal using JavaScript. Once you run a search, you can view your results in a list or a grid. The content of each product page is presented in easy-to-navigate tabs, and product image thumbnails sport fancy reflections.

One gripe: search is inaccessible once you’ve started drilling down into the product pages. Other than that, a very cool mobile shopping app!

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Day Two: iPhone Dev Camp Rages Onward

Well, not exactly “rages,” as things are rather tranquil here for day two of the biggest iPhone hack party on planet Earth. Attendees are putting finishing touches on their apps for the demo session, which starts in a little less than two hours. I’ve been wandering around this morning testing a few apps, but there isn’t much time for chit chat, as most people are coding with their heads down. You might mistake the Adobe cafeteria for a library were it not for the Velvet Underground buzzing away in the background.

Some of the best apps so far: TeleMoose, a beautiful Amazon browser; PickleView, a simple app for following the baseball games that also has Twitter-based chat built in; and Tilt, a simple falling-object game that uses the iPhone’s orientation sensor to control the character.

The above shot was captured by Flickr user and BarCamp regular Alex Muse. It’s one piece of the iPhoneDevCamp pool on Flickr, which makes for some interesting browsing if you want to get a feel for the atmosphere.

OK, next stop: demos!