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Joongel Opens Search to Forgotten Sites

Ever want to search multiple sites at once and just blend all of their results together regardless of content or ranking or whatever?

Me neither. When I search, I want my results fast and I want them good. However, it didn’t stop me from trying out Joongel anyway.

Joongel lets you define what you are looking for, such as images, music, videos, etc… It then allows you to refine the search and then displays a floating tool bar above the search results with options to jump from site to site.

You may care more for search site conglomerations than I do, and if you do, Joongel might take you away. It’s a good looking site. It bridges the search sources together in a very web 2.0 way. The menus and buttons slide effortlessly across the screen. The buttons and icons are big, fluffy — I dare say, even cute.

To me, the questions and options get in the way of my search results — even if it is asking me to refine them to get what I want. Blame my short attention span, but I don’t usually go past the first page of search results than continue on to other sites, even if the results are easily accessible by tabs. There is one thing I really really like about Joongel.

The amount of sites it searches is intense. Sure, they’re all sites I’ve heard about and even tried once or twice. Several of them I even had accounts for from when I first tried out the service. Usually after starting up the account, I typically jump ship for whatever works for me.

The best thing about Joongel is the realization of other sites. The first page introduces a full page of sites I barely ever used. It reintroduced me to sites I’ve long forgot. My little dim bulb lit up bright when I ran across some image sites I’ve never heard of through a Creative Commons search. I usually go to Flickr, but Joongel had me clicking around to Dreamstime, Everystockphoto and Morguefile just to compare the results.

I had no specific goal in mind, but such is the nature of web surfing.

As a search aggregator, I’d say Joongel is about as good as you’re going to get, which isn’t saying much. I think Joongel’s best attribute is as a way to discover new sites. Every web page these days has a search box, Joongel allows you to surf the results.

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