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File Under: Mobile, Software & Tools Location Enables Virtual Geocaching

Finding drops near a locationWebmonkey's DropFile-sharing service now allows you to geocode your collection of content (files, notes, links, etc.) which it calls a “drop.” In addition to accessing the content via a shortened URL, users can now use a GPS-enabled phone (Blackberry available, iPhone in private beta) or query by location in a browser. All the privacy settings of a standard drop remain in effect, including an optional guest password.

The new feature opens up many possibilities, such as with geocaching, where participants use a GPS to go to coordinates and find a cache, usually a note or small trinket. Now, instead of a happy meal toy, the cache could be virtual–files, notes, or anything normally kept in a drop. has a few more ideas for how the service could be used.

Of course, you don’t need to be in the actual location. The location browser will show you drops in the vicinity of any address. Or, just click through an embedded map and look for drops. It’s sort of like using a metal detector on the beach, only there’s less likelihood of finding jewelry.

[Via Center Networks]

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