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Opera MAMA Reports Web Standard Usage

Opera has announced the Metadata Analysis and Mining Application (MAMA), a search engine for web developers looking for backend analytics. Basically, the reports are regular search results, but with the focus on things like the number of <font> tags used on the web, or the shocking fact that less than 5% of websites pass the W3C’s validation test.

The wealth of data was culled from 3,509,180 URLs over 3,011,668 domains. All of this data will help you win geek bar fights over internet trivia questions like:

Q: What is the most popular web server on the internet?

A: Apache. Apache serves about 50.76 percent over 2,011,088 domains (67.72 percent). IIS: 35.84 percent over 769,375 domains (25.91 percent).

Q: How many web developers are good enough to write code that passes W3C validation?

A: 145,009 out of 3,509,180 URLs passed validation — only 4.13 percent.

Q: Which country uses Ajax the least?

A: Japan showed the least usage of XMLHttpRequest, while Norway (Opera’s home country) exhibited the highest usage rates at 10.1 percent.

Otherwise, this is a great source of data to help drive standards forward. In many ways, standards bodies were moving on blindly and adding cool features as they are developed. Perhaps with the plethora of data Opera provides on the web, decisions can be made on practical numbers.

The capability to run searches of your own isn’t available to users, but the key findings report is available on Opera’s developer’s site. The reports include many of the most popular questions.

Luckily for us, Opera has offered to run some reports for Webmonkey.

So you tell us: What questions you have for the MAMA oracle? We’ll send them to Opera and post them later. Leave your questions in comments.

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