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Find Your Closest Apple Store with iPhone 3Gs in Stock

It’s been almost a week and still it’s difficult to find an iPhone. Lucky for us, Apple has made it easy by providing availability updates. Double lucky for us, they provided that in JSON format.

So, we put our mashup monkeys on the project and they created an iPhone availability finder. Use the embedded widget below or visit this stand-alone page that you can bookmark.

Type in your city, zip code, or address. Tell it what model of iPhone you want (16 GB White, perhaps?). Using Apple’s data of U.S. iPhone availability, it reports back your closest store. Sometimes it’s hundreds of miles, but the life of a fanboy is rough.

No iPhones in stock!Apple’s own availability finder is updated nightly to reflect the next day’s shipment. It is inaccessible during business hours because the iPhones available are likely to be purchased. (Note: the iPhone mashup uses a cached version of the data, so it’s available all day–it just might not be accurate).

As of July 16, Apple was completely sold out in 23 of the 38 states where it has stores. The most difficult to find model is the 16 GB black, which is only available in 12 of Apple’s 188 stores. Where’s the best place to score that coveted phone? Think warm: Southern California and Florida have multiple stores with 16 GB black models.

The other iPhone styles are almost as scarce. Only about 20% of Apple Stores have 16 GB white iPhones in stock. Slightly more stores have the 8 GB version.

Update: We added a tutorial showing how we created the iPhone Locator.

Update 2: Apple removed their JSON feed. Their availability finder still works after 9 p.m., but hides the data.

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UK Says ‘Show Us a Better Way’ With Mashups

The UK Power of Information Taskforce is challenging developers to mash up their public data. Today it launched Show Us a Better Way, collecting ideas and offering £20,000 (about $40,000) to develop the best ones. There have already been 50 ideas submitted. The list of ideas is public. Those outside of the UK appear to be eligible, as long as the idea is put to use in the UK.

The taskforce describes the release as “gigabytes of new or previously invisible public information.” The data is from census, health care and education sources. Data is aggregated and does not contain any personal information.

This public information release should be a welcome news to mashup artists, whose work is sometimes restricted by the amount of data available. It is also a welcome sign that a government group understands it may not have all the answers. While releasing data is common, encouraging people to use it, and rewarding them for contributions, is not.

Among the APIs recommended by the taskforce are Google Maps and Flickr. We’re looking forward to seeing what comes of this competition.

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