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Hey, Remember Friendster?

FriendsterIf you’ve been around the web for a few years, chances are good that you have an old Friendster account. I receive birthday emails and spam friend requests about once a week. (Yes, I could change that in the notification settings, or even cancel my account).

I’ve often wondered what could be keeping the Friendster servers up. The answer: the world’s largest continent. Asia, especially the Philippines, has been good to Friendster, who is by far the largest social network in Asia.

Something new must be brewing, because the company just raised $20 million according to the New York Times, and has a new CEO who formerly ran the South Asia region at Google.

You may be thinking that Friendster is stuck back in 2004 with your profile. That’s not so. The site has a developer platform with 450 applications, and has joined OpenSocial. No, Friendster doesn’t look as good as Facebook, and the apps feel even spammier, if you can imagine. But at least Friendster hasn’t just been treading water.

The last line of the NYT blog post might have more to say about why Friendster has secured some more funding. The company was granted a patent in 2006 for its work with organizing people’s relationships. Apparently there are more patents on the way for the one-time innovator. Now that there are other similar services, some like Facebook and MySpace with big money behind them, Friendster might be seeing dollar signs.

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Rumor: MySpace to Roll Out OpenID Support

openid.jpgUpdate: MySpace has confirmed it will begin to roll out support for OpenID, but only as a provider, not as a relying party. We’ll have more details in a follow-up post. For now, here’s Reuters’ take.

There’s a rumor making the rounds that MySpace will soon announce that it will provide OpenID support, the single login solution that many believe is a cornerstone of the open web. TechCrunch claims that multiple sources have confirmed the story, but so far there’s been no official word from MySpace.

At this point OpenID remains well outside the radar of most web users, however, if MySpace does indeed start offering OpenID to its user base it could well prove a tipping point for widespread adoption.

If it does indeed happen, MySpace’s OpenID support would bring the total number of OpenID-enabled accounts to over half a billion, which could do wonders for the other end of the equation by encouraging more sites to support OpenID logins.

But of course that’s only part of the equation. As our own Adam DuVander pointed out last week, even many of the sites that do support OpenID just don’t seem to get it — what’s the point of signing in with OpenID if you’re still going to ask me to create a username and password?

Still, MySpace might be able to do more for OpenID than perhaps any other provider for one simple reason — people know their MySpace URL.

Since OpenID requires you to enter a URL rather than a username/password combo to login, it requires you to remember some URL, which isn’t something mainstream users tend to pay attention to. The big exception is MySpace.

According to TechCrunch the announcement should come later this week, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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