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Webmonkey Hats and Stickers in the House

We received our shipment of hats and stickers here at Webmonkey HQ. They look super-sharp if you ask us. We’ve gotten a lot of comments about the monkey’s “haircut” in the comments and posts surrounding the relaunch, and it tickles us that the feedback has been so positive. Really, all we did was take him to the groomer and give some New Media glasses. (Actually, the monkey was given a makeover by our good buddy Tim — thanks, Tim!)

Here are the stickers:


And the hats:


A close up of the embroidery:


A bit more subtle than the old Webmonkey beanies from the 1990s, but just as warm. We also have baseball hats with the new monkey logo and, soon, T-shirts. We’ll be handing out some of this swag at the Webmonkey launch party, which will happen some time next week in San Francisco. Watch for the announcement on Upcoming. Also, we’ll be doing some sticker drops at coffee shops around San Francisco in the next week or so — follow Webmonkey on Twitter to find out where and when.

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Swag We Want: Localhost Doormat

ThinkGeek makes this appropriately geeky doormat for the modern geek home. In case you’re not LAN-savvy, the IP address is the default location of the localhost — your own machine. It’s a loopback device used to test a machine’s TCP/IP stack. Or to trick the newbies by telling them it’s their new IP address.

ThinkGeek also makes a T-shirt with this slogan on it, but we have enough T-shirts right now. We need more doormats.

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Swag We Want: BSOD Shirt

Yesterday’s Blue Screen of Death gallery over at the Wired News mothership was a huge hit. Special thanks to everyone who sent in links and suggestions. As a follow-up, I’d like to point you to Errorware, a website that sells t-shirts emblazoned with famous error messages. The Windows 95 BSOD shirt is pictured here.

Errorware also sells shirts of Mac’s "four languages" kernel panic screen, an NT 4.0 BSOD and the truly awesome Sad Mac. One of the best ones should satiate everyone who cried for us to include Amiga’s Guru Meditation error in the gallery.

I was made aware of the Errorware store thanks to a comment left by Digg user Kumaku. Thanks Kumaku! So yeah, everyone else… start buying these for us. We’ll take one each in XL, L and M. Thanks.

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Swag We Want: Kuler Shirt

Score! The kind folks at Adobe just sent over this swanky little number, a shirt promoting the Kuler online color picker and sharing tool developed at Adobe Labs.

Click for larger pic

This is our first piece of unsolicited swag in a long time — maybe it was our glowing review? Anyway, I’m really happy with it. First of all, it’s an American Apparel shirt, which, in case you don’t know, has a very form-fitting and contemporary cut. Second, the design is understated and classy. No boring logos or oversized URLs. Are you taking notes, people?

First rule of shirt swag: If you want people to wear your shirt, make a shirt that people will actually want to wear. Bravo, Adobe Labs.

In the interest of full disclosure and transparency and all that, I’m keeping this sucker. It’s an XL, so it’s mine. Scott’s an L or maybe an M. (wink, wink)