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First Set of SXSW Panels Announced

SXSW 2009The first 73 panels of the annual geekfest conference SXSW Interactive have been announced. Organizers say it’s just a taste of the eventual 180 talks. The list is split into categories: Advertising, Business, Community, Content, Human Issues, Mobile, New Tech, Programming, Interface Design, and the ever-exciting “other.”

Among the programming-related panels that jump out at me:

At SXSW the public gets a say in the content via a panel voting system, which closed in early September. An advisory board and SXSW staff also helped make the choices.

For those that are more into the evening activities, keep an eye on this Upcoming search.

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Have Your Say in SXSW 2009 Panels

Who determines SXSW programmingToday marks the first step toward the web professional pilgrimmage to SXSW Interactive. The March conference released its panel voting system that helps determine the programming. The public gets a 30 percent say in which panels make it to the stage. You better grab a drink, because we have to choose from 1,201 entries.

To vote, you need to create an account (where’s that OpenID, South-by?). After that hurdle, selecting panels is easy-peasy. The big list (order is determined randomly and changes for each voter) has the presenter, title, description, and input for a five star (plus “please, please, no” button) rating.

SXSW Panel Picker

The panel ideas are spread among a dozen categories: technical, creative, and biz-oriented. The categories with the most proposals are advertising/marketing (180) and business/entrepreneurial (177). The categories with the least panel choices are digital filmmaking (20) and video games (34).

Conference organizer Hugh Forrest noted a common theme across categories:

That would definitely be “social” — as is social media and social networks and social software and social systems. The number of proposals that reference this buzzword in one form or another indicate that (for better or for worse) we are still at the tip of the iceberg of this trend.

Indeed, 183 panel proposals have social in the title. And with multiple parties going on every evening, SXSW 2009 is looking to be social ’round the clock.

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