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JavaScript Tutorial – Lesson 5

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of computer programming, it’s time to refocus on the Document Object Model (DOM). We’ve already seen that the DOM hierarchy starts with a Window object. Inside each Window object is a Document object. We’ll be spending this lesson going through the Document object and seeing how it can be used to get all kinds of information from your users and to dynamically present new information.

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Thau’s Advanced JavaScript Tutorial

If you’ve gone through Thau’s basic JavaScript tutorial (or you already know a bunch about the subject), Thau’s advanced JavaScript course is just for you. In the previous tutorial, Thau taught the basics. He picks up here where he left off, starting with the meaning of var and if-then-else statements.

He moves along to show you how to make cookies (Mmmmm), and you’ll learn fancy string handling and associative arrays along the way. Give your JavaScript a sense of history and time (by setting timelines on your pages so that different events occur at different times), and then learn how to sense which browser your visitors are using.

Next, his Thauness gives lessons on image mapping and preloading images, with practical applications such as setting up an employee database and creating a virtual pet!

By the end of the five lessons, Thau puts the finishing touches on your JavaScript mastery, covering JavaScripting tools, debugging techniques, and ways to make your code sprint like the wind.

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Advanced JavaScript Tutorial – Lesson 1

Hello, and welcome to the Advanced JavaScript Tutorial, where I finish off what I started in the basic JavaScript Tutorial. In the second installment – This Time We Mean It – I’ll be covering the finer points of JavaScript that I passed over back in Part I. I’ll also introduce you to some of the fancier aspects of JavaScript and the tips and lowdown that will allow you to build real multimedia applications.

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Advanced JavaScript Tutorial – Lesson 2

Welcome back. Now that your brain has re-acclimated to the semicolons and curly braces of the JavaScript world, it’s time to learn something useful and exciting.

We’ll spend this lesson sampling those tasty treats known as cookies – the little bits of information you can leave on the computers of people who visit your site. Cookies allow you to give your pages a personal touch. For instance, with a cookie you can “remember” people’s names and serve up a warm greeting every time they re-visit. You can also remember user preferences – if a visitor generally comes in on a slow connection, a cookie lets you know to automatically serve them minimal graphics.

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Advanced JavaScript Tutorial – Lesson 3

As we learn more and more JavaScript, we can build increasingly complex applications. In the previous lesson, we added long-term memory to our JavaScripts using cookies. Now we’ll add a sense of time to our growing stock of JavaScript knowledge.

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