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Add Feeds to Your Site With MagpieRSS

If content is king, then fresh, ever-changing, dynamic content must be the Emperor. If what you’re looking for is new, daily content on your site, why not take it from someone else? Goodness knows there are a million RSS feeds out there just begging for aggregation.

Integrating someone else’s news feed is relatively quick and painless when compared to the dull ache of writer’s block. While there are any number of RSS aggregation tools out there for you to use, many prefer MagpieRSS. It’s a light, flexible, open source PHP script that’s practically bomb-proof.

Though it’s currently the fourth most-popular programming language out there, some programmers are loathe to work in PHP. Possibly, they’re leery of the server-side load stress which, yes, in certain circumstances, can become an issue. However, for simple tasks like RSS aggregation, a PHP solution is far less taxing than a JavaScript equivalent. Or maybe it’s just the fear that having to use *.php file name extensions is going to break all of the file references in a site. Who knows? It is time to get over these fears.

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Make Cool Photos – Cheap

Images have become an essential component of Web sites, and the need for good designers is growing. But to be a creative and original designer, it’s a good idea to invest in more than a couple CD-ROMs of clip art and a copy of Photoshop. Understanding how photography works and how image manipulation was done in the precomputer era provides a solid foundation for any Web designer. Plus creating your own cool pictures without leaning on the Photoshop crutch can give your sites a distinctive look.

Messing around with photographs can be fun, too, and there are plenty of ways to do it without any software or expensive equipment. Whether you’re sick of your same old camera and want something new or you want to take some kick-ass crazy color photos with your current camera, there are heaps of snazzy tricks out there to keep you busy in the land of reverse technology. Toy cameras, cross-processing, Polaroid manipulations, and Xerox transfers are just some of the ways to have a cheap, easy, good time with photography.

Let’s start by looking at some inexpensive cameras.

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PHP and MySQL Tutorial – Lesson 2

In this lesson, we’re going to dive right in and create some simple yet useful pages using PHP and MySQL. Let’s start by displaying the database we created yesterday in Lesson 1, but with a little more panache.

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Ruby on Rails for Beginners

If you’re like me, you’re reading this on your bright-red custom-built laptop in a soothing rosemary-scented bubble bath, and you’re wondering, “Why do I want another interpreted programming language? I can find my way around Perl and PHP and maybe a little Python. And Unix shell scripting. I feel fine. Why do people keep talking about Ruby?”

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Using the Yahoo Maps API

Yahoo’s Maps API may not be as popular as Google’s mashup mainstay, but it has many of the same features. In some ways, it’s even easier to use than Google’s Maps API, so beginners getting started with API interaction might prefer Yahoo’s implementation.

To get started working with Yahoo maps, we’ll simply create a map we can display on a web page, and then add a marker to denote a particular location.

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