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Twitter Moves to OAuth: The OAuthcalypse Is Nigh

Twitter is killing support for basic user authentication in third-party apps on Tuesday morning, the company says. Instead, Twitter will now require all third-party app developers to use OAuth for user authentication.

This is a planned move Twitter first announced in December, and the company has posted a help page on its developer site with some resources meant to ease the transition to OAuth.

The Twitter API team has been dialing down the number of requests an app can make using the basic authorization method. That number will hit zero at 8AM Pacific time Tuesday.

Some bloggers have given the event the catchy name, “OAuthcalypse” — a bit of a mouthful, but so is “user authentication protocol” — the implication being that when basic authentication is switched off, it will break old software and leave users in the dark. But since Twitter has given developers ample warning of the change, the switch will only lock out a small number of apps.

Twitter’s move mirrors a broader trend on the social web, where basic authentication is being ditched for the more secure OAuth when services and applications connect user’s accounts.

In basic authentication, a website or app will say, “Hey, do you want to share whatever you’re doing here with your friends on Twitter? Give me your Twitter username and password and I’ll hook up your accounts.” By passing along your info, you’re giving that app or website unlimited access to everything in your Twitter account. Pretty dangerous, and not secure.

In OAuth authentication, the website or app will send you to Twitter where you sign yourself in, then Twitter will tell the website or app “Yeah, they are who they say they are.” The website or app only gains the ability to do certain things with your account — post, read, reply, search — while staying locked out from the more sensitive stuff.

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Cliqset Cleans Up Streams, Integrates Twitter

Cliqset completed a significant upgrade to its social sharing website Wednesday.

The site now fully integrates Twitter, and it has refined its aggregation system so you get a much more streamlined, easy-to-digest view of your friends’ activities across multiple social sites.

There are literally dozens of changes, both visible and behind-the-scenes, in the new Cliqset. We’ve been testing out the new version (the company is half-jokingly calling it “Cliqset 2.0″) since midday Tuesday, and we’ve found the site has been given a significant boost that makes its aggregation features both more usable and more useful. The changes should be appearing for everyone on Cliqset sometime Wednesday morning.

Cliqset is a social network in itself, complete with followers, status updates and media sharing. But its sweet spot is as an aggregation service. It funnels all of the posts from the people you follow on the web into one single stream. It pulls in Twitter tweets, photos from your Flickr contacts, posts from your Tumblr network, updates from your friends on Facebook, Google Buzz, Yelp, YouTube, Google Reader — Cliqset connects to over 80 services in all.

It sounds, looks and works a lot like FriendFeed. But unlike FriendFeed, which was acquired by Facebook last year and has largely stagnated since, Cliqset continues to innovate.

Here’s one really cool new innovation: When you’re following somebody across multiple social networks and aggregating their posts in one place, you’re going to get a lot of duplicates. The new Cliqset filters out those dupes.

“If somebody’s on three different networks, we’ll know that,” Cliqset co-founder Darren Bounds tells Webmonkey. “We’ll consolidate their posts, de-duplicate the posts, refine them.”

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Twitter Now Lets You Automatically Follow Your Facebook Friends

Twitter is launching some new tools that let you easily add your Facebook friends and your LinkedIn connections to the list of people you follow on the social network. If your friends from Facebook and LinkedIn are on Twitter, you can use the Twitter’s official apps on those social networks to start following them with one click.

This should be a boon to people who are interested in homogenizing their online social experiences, because it lets them follow everyone they know across three of the major social web platforms out there. Of course, some prefer to keep their chocolate and peanut butter separate — they can just ignore these tools and keep on livin’.

The change was announced on the Twitter blog Wednesday afternoon:

Our Facebook app… now shows which of your Facebook friends are on Twitter and lets you follow them instantly and save them to a list. The app also lets you post your Tweets to your Facebook profile and now, to one of your Facebook pages too. With the Tweets application by LinkedIn, you can see which of your LinkedIn connections are on Twitter and follow the ones you choose right from the app. The app also lets you save your LinkedIn connections as a list, post your Tweets to LinkedIn, and add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile.

These enhancements to the Facebook and LinkedIn tools should be listed in Twitter’s Find Friends section soon.

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Twitter Fail Whale Rendered in Pure CSS

Here’s Twitter’s unofficial mascot drawn solely using cascading stylesheets, by Subcide’s Steve Dennis. What you see above is just an image — read Steve’s post or jump straight to the demo to see the real thing.

It looks great in all modern browsers (basically, everything newer than IE8) and if you look at it in Safari or Chrome, you’ll notice it’s even animated using WebKit-specific CSS animation controls.

From his blog post: “Curves are done using various uneven border-radius properties, stranger angles (such as the strings) are masked using containers with overflow: hidden; set on them. I hope someone else gets a bit of enjoyment out of my wasted Sunday.” Hardly a waste, Steve.

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Google Buzz Gets a ‘Retweet’ Feature

One of the key ingredients of the Twitter ecosystem is the ability to pass along a link of interest from somebody you follow by retweeting it to your own followers. You get to discover new content and new people of interest at the same time. Now, you can do the same thing in Google Buzz.

The Buzz team announced the new “Reshare” feature Thursday morning. Over the course of the next day or so, it should be showing up as a fourth option under every buzz item in your stream (Google’s product enhancements usually take about a day to roll out) next to Like, Comment and E-mail.

Unlike Twitter’s official “retweet” action, which passes a tweet along to your followers in one click, resharing something in Buzz is a two-step experience. You click the reshare button and you’re given a new window where you can type in your own comments about why you found this particular video of a kitten jumping out of a Pringles can more worthy of your friend’s time than any other video of a kitten jumping out of a Pringles can. This ability to add comments is a bit like Twitter’s old school retweets, which let you add some commentary to the original tweet. But in Buzz, there’s a lot more room to add your own thoughts, as you’re not limited to keeping the whole payload under 140 characters.

Resharing also credits the original poster, keeping their Buzz post, their comments and (most importantly) the links to their profile information intact. If multiple people in your network are resharing and commenting on the same item, you will see all of those posts collapsed under the original.

Google says the reshare action is one of the most requested features in Buzz. You can vote for your own most-wanted feature at the Buzz product ideas web app.

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