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Everyone Say Hi to Paul

Forgive the quick interruption of the news stream. Here’s an announcement.

We’ve got a new blogger joining the ranks for the next week. Paul Adams is going to be running the show here at the Monkey Bites blog while Michael
(me, the regular blogger and Webmonkey editor) takes a vacation.

Paul has been a Webmonkey author for years and years. He’s also the author of the Ning overview that’s spicing up the Webmonkey frontdoor this very moment. Paul has contributed to Monkey Bites in the past, as well. In fact, he’s been blogging for Monkey Bites since before it was even a called a blog. You can consider yourself a student in the class of the old school.

In addition to his life as a Webmonkey contributor, Paul is an accomplished food and technology writer. And we don’t necessarily mean food and technology at the same time, though he’s not above such scandalous displays.

OK, now back to business as usual.

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Webmonkey Radio Podcast: Videoblogging

We’ve got a new podcast up! This one is an exploration of videoblogging. I got a chance to sit down with Michael Verdi and Ryanne Hodson, co-authors of a new book (due out this spring) called “The Secrets of Videoblogging,” published by Peachpit Press. I also talk for a but about videoblogging, discussing what it is and what it isn’t.

Check it out on Webmonkey.

Here’s a link to a direct download.

Also, you can subscribe to the feed or track us at FeedBurner. Any comments or problems with the podcast can be directed to